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Columbus SOUP is an organization fiscally-sponsored by an Ohio 501(c)(3), Community Shares of MidOhio. As such, we urge all grant applicants to be either an independent tax-exempt organization or sponsored by one. However, we can accept applications from organizations who do not meet these qualifications, but there may be tax liabilities incurred for the winning project or projects. For more information, please contact us.
As a tax-exempt organization, we are required to record and report specific information about grand recipients to the IRS. Please complete an IRS Form W-9 for the organization or person receiving grand funds and attach it below.

IRS Form W-9

If you are having difficulties uploading, please email your completed W-9 form AFTER submitting your application to this email addess. (click to launch)

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Prior to submission, please ensure all fields are complete. If you click submit and it appears nothing has happened, please check the form for incomplete or inaccurate information before contacting Columbus SOUP.

By clicking submit below, you are submitting this application for the SOUP Grant. The project outlined above, if selected to present at the SOUP event, must be the project presented to attendees. If you need to make revisions to the project described or wish to cancel and resubmit a different project after submission, please contact Columbus SOUP.