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Application Window for Summer SOUP will be announced soon!

SOUP 15 Theme:

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Community is the coming together of people that share a common agenda, cause, or interest to collaborate by sharing information, ideas, and resources. Columbus has strong communities of makers, innovators, inventors, artists, technologists, and entrepreneur who come together to find unconventional solutions to complex issues within our city. These communities disrupt the status quo, find new solutions, develop new methods, and create new techniques to make Columbus a better place to live and work. Columbus SOUP seeks to advance the cause of these communities and highlight their contributions to our city.

We seek applicants and

Projects that promote:


Promoting efforts to promote a better society for future generations


Increasing understanding of concerns and propose solutions


Creating positive relationships between groups and identifying common messages


Building skills, knowledge, and confidence


Removing barriers so that people are better able to educate, influence, and benefit the community

Projects can include

but are not limited to:

The Arts

Culinary Arts, Dance, Digital Arts, Fine Art, Film, Music, Theater, Photography, Sculpture

Knowledge Building

Awareness Initatives, Cultural Promotion, Education, Employment Initatives, Nonprofit Social Enterprises


Community Gardnes, Electronics, Metal Working, Techology, Wood Working, Workshops

Competitive Projects

Competitive projects are those that clearly demonstrate a positive impact on Columbus and our community.

Grant Award

The grant award amount varies based on the number of people who attend the event and the amount donated by attendees at the door.


Entries will be selected at Columbus SOUP’s discretion based on the event theme. You will receive an email notice if you are selected.

Selected Applicants

Selected applicants must attend and make a presentation at the SOUP event to be eligible.

If selected, please be prepared to:

• Discuss your project for 5 minutes during the SOUP event, clearly describing how you would use the grant funds.

• Present a clear timeline for implementation and completion of the project.

• Share progress of your project at a future SOUP, if you win the SOUP grant.

Selected applicants are highly encouraged to attend a SOUP workshop which will occur prior to the event. This workshop will help prepare SOUP applicants to present their project at the event. The workshop date and time will be announced to selected applicants after they are selected.

Applications for Summer SOUP '17 SOUP will open soon!

Questions? Contact us at info [at] columbussoup [dot] org! We're happy to help!