Winter SOUP is Art & Design!
Winter SOUP is Art & Design!

Artists Unite at Spring SOUP

Art reflects our humanity. It builds empathy for people and issues. We believe that art enriches our community through creative expressions that bring society’s most pressing issues to life. Artists can help create a city in which people want to live, work, and raise a family. Art distills complex experiences into powerful images and words that start conversations to find what’s not working, to bring greater understanding, and to persuade others to move in different directions.

It’s no secret that art is near and dear to us at Columbus SOUP, it was our first theme and we’re returning to our roots. We’ve assembled the hottest new arts groups and projects around Columbus for Spring SOUP. Take a moment and get to know them.

Fritz the Robot

Fritz the Robot is looking to make a home in Franklinton. A seven foot tall sculpture and the brain child (robot) of Chris Tennant, Fritz will be bring high quality, fine art to street level. Tennant plans on employing 4-6 artists and tradespeople to be involved in the construction, transportation, and installation of the sculpture. Countless individuals will see, interact, take selfies with, and climb over Fritz the Robot. Fritz will bring joy to those who view him.

STUMP Resident Artist

Located on East Fifth Avenue, between Italian Village and Weinland Park, sits a new creative space bursting with plants. The STUMP Resident Artist program goal is to invite and collaborate with ceramic, metal, and visual artist in the STUMP space in order to offer customers a new perspective that is revealed through their work. Through the resident artists STUMP hopes to share artist’s stories with customers and encourage them to support these artist by purchasing their wares. With the additional grant funding STUMP would like to enhance the environment in which their artist work.

Black Staccato

Black Staccato is an original production by local Columbus artists that captures the internal conflict of reaching one’s fullest potential. This dynamic battle is brought to life through music, dance, poetry, and visual art. Maroon Arts Group plans to produce another production and an album for its original Black Staccato. The album will be composed of the original work presented in Black Staccato, including musical selections and poetic interpretations. The benefit of an album also allows for wider dissemination of the much-needed empowering message of Black Staccato, enlarge the platform of local artists, as well as provide greater opportunities to showcase part of the wonderful talent in Columbus, Ohio.

ROY G BIV’s Workshops for Emerging Artists

ROY G BIV Gallery (ROY) advances contemporary art in Central Ohio by supporting emerging artists. ROY supports these up-and-coming artists with exhibition opportunities, promotion, professional criticism and educational workshops. ROY also works to increase art awareness in the public through partnerships and monthly artists’ talks. ROY seeks funding to continue its workshops series into the next year. The workshop series will increase the professionalism of emerging, young and new artists. This means that area artists will be better enable to prepare for exhibitions, gallery representation and public projects. As local artists become more informed, they will be able to make our already vibrant cultural scene even more colorful.

The Get Out Project

Get Out Network, a leading enrichment organization for millennial youth, was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio by two men, Dorian Durant and Jerry Valentine, who recognized the need to tighten up wealth inequalities, gain asymmetric access to quality education, technology and overall general opportunity in America. The Get Out Project tells the stories, through video, of pioneering creatives and professionals who are impacting our communities the most. The project also impacts the community in many ways as it gives local businesses, entrepreneurs, athletes, and creatives a chance to showcase who and what they do for the community.

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