Columbus SOUP is proud to announce that the theme for this Spring SOUP event is:

Creative Innovations


Columbus Idea Foundry
421 W State Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Date & Time

May 21, 2017
5:30pm – 8:00pm

What's Happening?

Community is the coming together of people that share a common agenda, cause, or interest to collaborate by sharing information, ideas, and resources. Columbus has strong communities of makers, innovators, inventors, artists, technologists, and entrepreneur who come together to find unconventional solutions to complex issues within our city. These communities disrupt the status quo, find new solutions, develop new methods, and create new techniques to make Columbus a better place to live and work. Columbus SOUP seeks to advance the cause of these communities and highlight their contributions to our city.

We know that the #greenspoonarmy will love seeing all of these creative & innovative projects!

As usual, all attendees must RSVP before the event and we will be collecting RSVP payments online, in advance of the event. We will still have our raffle for 2nd place, don’t forget to bring some extra singles!

We are very excited to be hosted by the Columbus Idea Foundry. Located in the burgeoning arts and maker district of Franklinton, the Columbus Idea Foundry creates a place where anyone can explore their urge to make things. The Idea Foundry is both a physical place – 60,000 sq ft of workshops and offices; working nooks, classrooms and communal spaces – and a state of mind; the belief that each of us has the potential to bring our ideas to life if given the space, the equipment and the support to empower our inner maker.

What's the theme?

At Columbus SOUP, we want to ensure that every project has just as much chance of winning the SOUP grant. To help with this, we choose a focusing theme for each of our quarterly events. In the past, we’ve focused on Art & Culture, Community Gardens, Community Empowerment, Women’s Empowerment, Childhood Enrichment, Environmental Initiatives, and Education. We chose our themes from feedback provided by our attendees through a survey after each event.

The theme for this Spring’s SOUP is Creative Innovation. Columbus SOUP believes that innovation is a force for shaping a stronger city and creative projects can bring awareness to poverty, drive economic growth, and create opportunity like nothing else. Innovation drives change that can increase a person’s chances of having a healthy life, promotes equality, increases tolerance, and deepens understanding.

We believe creative innovation is a force that will drive our future. 

Why RSVPs?

We change venues with each SOUP event and each venue has limited seating. In order to comply with fire-code restrictions, we must limit the amount of people that can attend. To ensure everyone has a good time, and no one has to be turned away at the door, we require everyone to secure an RSVP and donation before arriving at a SOUP event.

We get some pretty amazing sponsors lined up, so we always expect our events to “sell out” of RSVPs quickly. Every unsold RSVP at the event means at least $7 less for our grant recipient… and let’s be honest, that’s not fun for anyone. By giving an RSVP and donating, you’re letting us know that you’ll be at the event and we, and our applicants, can rely on your $7 donation.

Who's sponsoring?

It’s important to remember that all of the soups, breads, desserts, raffle items, and event the venue for each SOUP event are donated by local sponsors. We work with many of the same restaurants, chefs, and individuals who donated at past SOUP events for each event, but are always looking for new supporters!

As soon as we have confirmations from sponsors, we’ll be sure to share it here first! If you are interested in donating food for an event, check out our Give page!

Food Sponsors

How do I RSVP?

We hold RSVPs until shortly before the event. The seating capacity at each event is always determined by the venue who donates space to us, so seating is limited. We’ve found in the past that as many as 200 RSVPs can “sell out” in as little as two days, so get your seat while you! 

RSVPs be open about a month before the next event!

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What if I have more questions?

Check out our FAQ. Send us an email. Send us a tweet. Heck, send us a smoke signal – we’re happy to help!

Thank you for being part of the #greenspoonarmy!