Fall SOUP is TEEN Edition!
Fall SOUP is TEEN Edition!

CSED/CINCO brings SOUP for 2017

The Center for Social Enterprise Development (CSED)/The Community Investment Network of Central Ohio (CINCO) is thrilled again to sponsor Columbus SOUP for 2017. We love being part of what makes these events happen during the year because what SOUP is all about is what we are all about: creating connections between caring individuals and wonderful organizations that are doing good in our community.

In 2017 we look forward to making even more connections:

  • Shop Social Cbus is a great way to link your everyday purchasing decisions to creating good in our community.
  • Our online directory is another great way for the community to connect with the over 97 social enterprises (and growing) that create good every day in every way.

What can we all look forward to in 2017 with Columbus SOUP? Let’s be honest: we know that SOUP isn’t just about the food but who wouldn’t come just for those delicious soups? However, we also look forward to meeting, learning about, connecting with, and voting with our spoons for a whole new set of organizations that are doing amazing things in our community.

Look, if you don’t find a new organization to volunteer with, donate toward, or buy from at every SOUP, you just aren’t paying attention. We love Columbus SOUP because of the commitment and energy that you experience every time.

We are proud to be part of and a sponsor of the #greenspoonarmy! We just hope Bryant doesn’t explode as he revs us up on another beautiful Sunday evening!


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