Winter SOUP is Art & Design!
Applications are now OPEN! Deadline: 1/29 @ 11:59pm
Winter SOUP is Art & Design!
Applications are now OPEN! Deadline: 1/29 @ 11:59pm

Fall SOUP Event ’13 Wrap-up

The second SOUP event took place on September 29, 2013 at the Strongwater Food & Spirits located at 400 West Rich Street! We were honored to have an amazing turnout of over 170 people! Here is a summary of the night!


Our winning project received $1431 (consisting of 100% of the night’s collection) We congratulate:

Linden Documentary Project
Linden McKinley 8th grade students, Melissa Crum and Roderick Watson, Jr.
Check out the project’s trailer created for Columbus SOUP on YouTube

Greater Linden Development Corporation (GLDC) has begun a video project that documents the history of Linden. Due to lack of human resources, I, along with community and school educators, will assist GLDC and the student participants in completing additional community resident interviews and editing videos ultimately producing a documentary. The students, teachers and I will also produce a curriculum packet that will delineate how the project covers the compensatory National Common Core English and Social Studies standards for their appropriate grade levels. This packet and DVD will be available for other communities around Columbus and the country so that they may replicate the project in their communities. This project seeks to build community pride, identity and cohesiveness while adhering to English and Social Studies curriculum standards. Our goals for the project are as follows: 1) all student participants will gain a 90% proficiency in the English and Social Studies standards addressed in the project. This will be evaluated by the teachers with which we are collaborating. 2) Students will increase their knowledge of their community’s history by 50%. This will be evaluated by pre-post tests offered by our collaborating teachers. 3) 90% of students will gain proficiency in video editing software. We will gain assistance by OSU’s Digital Union who will offer free classes to the students and will determine their proficiency.4) Students will gain a greater understanding of business and marketing plans. We will gain assistance from the OSU Black MBA organization.

Our 2nd place project received $150 (consisting of donations collected for raffle tickets). We congratulate:

Local Music Shelf presented by
Dave Walters

Local Music Shelf is a grassroots music distributor in Columbus, Ohio. Founded by local musicians, Local Music Shelf is on a mission to link local music artists with local stores, in order to connect, grow, and add value to the culture of the Columbus community. Local Music Shelf curates CDs from local songwriters, bands, and poets and places them on shelves in local stores. Local Music Shelf is partnering with to create streaming radio kiosks so that local shoppers are more likely to purchase albums. These kiosks will allow local shop owners to support local music and eliminate the need for them to pay BMI and ASCAP fees, as well as create a new source of revenue for both the shop owners and local musicians.

2013 Columbus Mini Maker Faire
Casey McCarty

Mini Maker Faires are regional offshoots of the World Maker Faires which are giant science, arts, and tech celebrations. The Columbus Idea Foundry holds the license to the Columbus Mini Maker Faire, and this year we are making the event free & open to the public at COSI. In addition to regular exhibits and events, like the Ohio Powertool Drag Racing Championship (this year a Triple Crown with the Louisville, KY and Cincinnati Makerspaces), 3D printing, robotics, and local hand-made artist/artisans, we have some new specialty areas– like the Mini Makers kids area with hands-on electronics, sewing, and stop-motion animation projects and the Business Minds small biz area, with resources for local creative entrepreneurs, like marketing, patent, business planning and more. We’re collaborating for programming and exhibitors include COSI, Etsy Team Columbus (hosting a make-and-take recycle arts tent), STEAM Factory/400 artists, Cougar Robotics (the local high school FIRST robotics world champion team that we sponsor), a new local tech start-up SkyHouse, and *many* others. Plus we have an after-party at our soon-to-be new space at 421 West State, right in Franklinton, a stone’s throw from 400.

Pavement to Parklet
Jess Mathews / Blake Compton

A parklet re-purposes part of the street into a place for people, by extending the public sidewalk with non-permanent materials. Through combining elements such as seating, trees, flowers, shrubs, umbrellas, public art, bike parking or lighting, a unique public space is created that truly reflects the unique character and needs of the specific location. Publicly accessible and open to all, the parklet reflects the city of Columbus’ commitment to improve public space and the presence public while maintaining leadership dedicated to the arts and culture in the city of Columbus. The Parklet will energize and reinvent the public realm in whatever space it is placed. By providing a new type of public space, never before seen in Columbus, the Parklet will encourage pedestrians to pause, chat, and interact more with one another wherever it is launched. “Pavement to Parklet” creatively integrates functioning public art and attracts attention to businesses by providing additional seating that can be used by customers of nearby businesses and passerby’s. Through re-purposing an underutilized parking space into a space for people, not just people’s cars, the public realm is enhanced and what was once only for cars becomes a usable space for people. Parklets are intended as aesthetic enhancements to the streetscape, providing an economical solution to the need for increased public open space.

We’d like to thank our event host who donated their space:



 Our SOUPER Sponsor:

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And we’d like to thank our sponsors for this event who graciously donated soups, breads, and desserts:



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