Fall SOUP is TEEN Edition!
Fall SOUP is TEEN Edition!

Meet Our Presenters: Project 2

Farm to Fork Cooking Class


1) What’s your group’s background?
Sprouting spoons is comprised of a group of people dedicated to building our communities through the catalyst of food. With a splash of luck in 2015 we took over managing the South-side community garden and have raised 3800+ lbs of produce. Our produce goes to neighbors, local food banks, and to supporting cooking classes that aim to teach how to cook for four people for around $5.00. We pride ourselves on not charging for our community garden plots, or our cooking classes, as this opens our services to people of all backgrounds.
2) Describe your Community Initiative Project.
At the moment our garden and cooking spaces are separate. By starting farm to fork cooking classes in the garden, we will be able to join concepts of seasonal eating with the cost benefits of raising your own food.
3) What is your goal for this project?
Our Farm to fork cooking classes will strengthen the community by showcasing the garden as a gathering space. Our goal of having more traffic and activities in the garden will entice neighbors to get involved both in the home (cooking) and in other aspects of the community beyond the garden.
4) How much money do you need and what will you use it for? (talk real numbers)
$600 Cooking Classes (approx: 5-7 classes)
  • 350 non-garden class ingredients
  • 150 propane/ class equipment
  • 100 advertising/ office supplies
$600 Garden Beautification
  • 100 fence repair/paint
  • 500 Garden art sponsorship (TBD)
$200 Garden plants/ seeds
Total: $1400