submitted by Mae B.

1) What's your group's background?

The idea for UA Fitness Club came to me this fall after I had to quit school sports because of an Achilles tendon rupture surgery. This setback forced me to improvise and find new ways to incorporate fitness into my life while still having limited mobility and strength. I realized that I love finding ways for people to engage in staying healthy despite other factors such as time, money, resources, or ability. I have a passion for fitness and helping others, and so by creating a fitness club I would be able to help my community realize the importance of balance in life. In order to be healthy, one needs to exercise their mind, body, soul, and spirit.

2) Describe your Project!

UA Fitness Club would be a group that meets Mon, Tues, and Thurs after school. Students would be able to come whenever their schedule allows with no commitment necessary. The club would provide a healthy snack, workout and low stress environment. We would also equip participants with health and nutrition tips and ideas for coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety. The workouts and food would vary each week to hopefully find something for every student. Since students are so busy with school, sports, music, and homework, fitness club would provide an outlet for teens to exercise. Participants can choose how hard they work, how much they do, how long they stay and how often they come. Our website would also include at home workouts, healthy food alternatives, new fitness research and ideas for staying healthy. More logistics to come on during our presentation!

3) What is your goal for this project?

My hope is that this club helps to emphasize the importance of having a balanced life. Upper Arlington students focus so much on academics that their personal health often gets pushed to the side. Those who don’t have time or don’t want to do sports are often left without exercise. Studies have shown that working out increases mental capacity, helps with memory and alertness and helps to regulate sleep. I also would like to help those with anxiety and depression. Another benefit of exercise is its ability to release healthy endorphins. Research has shown that these endorphins promote feelings of self confidence, boost positive moods and lower rates of depression and anxiety. Providing a place where students can come workout without pressure or commitment will be beneficial in student’s school and personal lives.

4) How much money do you need and what will you use it for?

I am asking soup for $1,000 to kickstart my club. This money will be used to purchase fitness equipment on Amazon, buy healthy food from Sam’s Club, purchase my personal training certificate (I already passed the exam), and start a professional website. The costs of these things are included in my presentation, but I plan to use the website and social media to promote this club. The website will include at home workouts, the club schedule, health tips, a fitness blog, and ideas for maintaining or starting a healthy lifestyle. After the clubs first year I will charge a very low fee for coming, just so the club can maintain its ability to provide healthy food for students without deterring people from coming because of the cost. I am very excited to use my passion for fitness and my love for helping others to better the community. I hope you all will join me in this journey towards bettering the lives of the kids of our future.