Winter SOUP is Art & Design!
Winter SOUP is Art & Design!

Fall 17 SOUP Project 2


submitted by Cam O.

1) What's your group's background?

Our group was created during a class assignment in public speaking where we all chose a problem that we were passionate about. Charlotte, the student who originally brought the problem of life skills in the education system to light, was joined by four other students interested in coming up with a solution.

2) Describe your Project!

We are going to offer a workshop during UA Idea Day, which is a day in February that our school has dedicated to encouraging ideals like innovation and creativity in partnership with hands on activities. Our workshop will be conducted in an area near downtown Columbus and will consist of students getting into small groups and completing a ‘checklist’ of real world scenarios simulated with the help of volunteers and props put into place by our team. Some of these tasks could include changing a tire on an actual car, using fake currency to make everyday financial interactions, and going through a job interview process.

If the things that we teach on UA Idea Day go well then in the long run we plan to eventually offer a class teaching these useful life skills in. Along with the subjects mentioned above, we would like to have these incorporated into our class as well:

  1. Communication: How to make connections with people (networking), how to make a job application, prepare for a job interview, and how to work through conflict.

  2. Finance: How to make a budget that will aid i​​​​n a person’s success. (avoiding debt.)

  3. How to identify best college or training program for yourself.

  4. Cooking, food safety, and healthy meal plans.

  5. How to invest your money, how to save for retirement, how to do your taxes, how to turn income into a strong amount of savings (also consider budgeting)

3) What is your goal for this project?

  • Our goal for both our short term and our long term project is for students to gain useful knowledge that they will not only remember later in life, but also find use for and be able to incorporate into their everyday lives.

4) How much money do you need and what will you use it for?

  • Our hope is that we can compile around $1,000 by the time we reach our projects launch date (early February.) This money will be used for all the supplies needed to make the workshop successful (things like bus fare if we include a task that would require such, fake currency, tools like a car jack for our spare tire checkpoint, and miscellaneous materials such as costumes for the different job positions, activity print outs, and a bit of advertising to the student body to encourage their interest in our project.) Keep in mind that we’re hoping to bring along a maximum of 60 students (two school buses worth) to this workshop and most of the costs will cover the quantity of materials needed.