Ways You Can Give

Hosting a SOUP event is only successful with amazing sponsors and a team of dedicated people to make it happen. Simply put, we need YOU to make SOUP happen, and would love to have your support.
There are a number of ways you can help:
Be a sponsor!

Whatever isn’t donated, must be purchased. Because 100% of the entrance donations are used to fund the SOUP grant, we need funds to pay for other items, such as print materials, bowls, spoons, plates, table clothes, and pretty much anything else you can thing of. It is due to the generosity of our sponsors that we are able to get these needed supplies. If your interested in sponsoring Columbus SOUP, click below!

Donate to our winning project!

Attend a SOUP and be part of the #greenspoonarmy! By attending an event, you are helping to create the collective grant to support projects in our community.

Give food!

We rely on the generous donations from area restaurants, chefs, and individuals to provide delicious soups and any other foods that we have at our events. If you are interested in supplying food for an event, us the button below to contact us!