Volunteer with SOUP

Columbus SOUP is proud to be an all-volunteer organization.

How Can I Help?


We’ve always depended on a great people who want to give their time to make Columbus SOUP’s mission a success. From our Board, to the amazing people at our events, we need a big team of volunteers to fund projects that make Columbus a better place. There are volunteer opportunities at Columbus SOUP to suit almost any interest and time availability. You can volunteer to help setup for the event, man the raffle table, serve soup to the attendees, bus empty bowls, or help us clean up! Volunteer individually or as a group – heck, bring the whole family!


Some of the opportunities available are:
Event Setup

It takes a lot of prep to ensure whatever space we use for a SOUP event is ready for all of our attendees. Sometimes this means some heavy lifting but more often than not we are just making sure everything is where it needs to be.

Attendee Registration

Are you warm and friendly? We need energetic people to help register attendees each event. This means checking them in, accepting their donation, and helping them with directions.

Serving Soup

A SOUP event is pretty much like setting up a pop-up restaurant where hundreds of guests have to be served in a short amount of time. We need an army of people to make sure everyone gets soup and gets it quickly.

Raffle Table

One of the neatest things at our SOUP events is the raffle table. For just $1 a ticket, attendees get the chance to win some great items. But, better still, ALL of the money collected through the raffle goes to the night’s 2nd place project. The more tickets we sell, the more money our runner-up receives!

Clean Up

After the event ends, we have a duty to return the donated space back in great shape! That means we need a group of people who are good at cleaning up and organizing all the materials from the night so that we make sure we leave nothing behind.

When Do You Need Me?


For more information about the event, check out our Attend page.


How can I sign up?

Email us [info AT] and tell us that you’re interested!