Winter SOUP is Art & Design!
Applications are now OPEN! Deadline: 1/29 @ 11:59pm
Winter SOUP is Art & Design!
Applications are now OPEN! Deadline: 1/29 @ 11:59pm

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…Winter SOUP?

Nope, we can’t either.

We usually take one week off after each event, and then we’re hard at it again – getting ready for the next. This particular planning period has been especially busy. It was our first time planning a SOUP during all the holiday festivities. Oh, and if that weren’t enough, we threw in some re-branding for good measure. Whew!

But here we are – two weeks away from our third (THIRD!) SOUP event, and we couldn’t be more excited. We take feedback from our attendees very seriously, and we are pleased to announce we’ve been able to implement even more of your ideas for our Winter SOUP!

  • You’ve told us – loud and clear – that you like the transparency of SOUP when it comes to collecting money, but bringing cash isn’t always convenient. We hope you like this compromise – Eventbrite! You can now pre-purchase tickets before the event, but we’ll still give all the money collected – in cash – to the night’s winner.

  • You’ve been telling us for months that you wanted to support community gardens, so now’s your chance! That’s right – at the Winter SOUP, you’ll hear from several presenters, and then we’ll all choose together which community garden to help fund.

  • You mentioned at our last event that you couldn’t quite hear all the presenters. Well this time, we think we’ve nailed the acoustics. We got you a movie theatre! We’re thrilled to partner with the Gateway Film Center for the Winter SOUP.

That’s it for now. We hope you’ll let the Season of Giving continue through January 12 where we’ll help fund a community garden at our Winter SOUP Event!

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  1. r. thompson

    I love your mission and am looking forward to Winter Soup ’14! Congratulations on the new website and your social media pages. I don’t have a question, but rather a comment about how the subject of your “Soup” is communicated. It would be great to see the subject of a given Soup featured more prominently in Facebook and Twitter posts and also for event listings as well, even on this website.

    Too often the “lead” is buried and their seems to be the assumption that your mission is known as well as the focus of the Soup event. Put it out there front and center (my 2 Cents)!

    This comes from a desire to share the details of Winter Soup ’14 with others to encourage participation and help get the word out. You all are doing great work and I wish you all the best.

    1. Bryant Miller

      Hi there—we love your enthusiasm for SOUP! This is really well thought-out feedback, and the whole team is at dinner talking about it now. We’ll be sure to keep all this in mind with future posts.

  2. Jess Moore

    Great comment, R.Thompson. I just heard about this past weekend’s event from a colleague and wanted to find out more about the presenters at the event and their ideas. I just spent 10 minutes searching this site with no luck.

    Any tips on where I can find out who was presenting and ways to learn more about them?

    1. Bryant Miller

      Hi Jess!

      Thanks so much for the comment. We’re in the process of getting that info on our website—sorry it wasn’t there for you! In the meantime, you can see all about these presenters on Facebook.

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