Winter SOUP is Art & Design!
Applications are now OPEN! Deadline: 1/29 @ 11:59pm
Winter SOUP is Art & Design!
Applications are now OPEN! Deadline: 1/29 @ 11:59pm

Our Creative Innovators for Spring SOUP

Spring SOUP '17: Creative Innovations

We are excited to announce the projects for Spring SOUP ’17: Creative Innovations!

Our partnership with the Columbus Idea Foundry gives us an amazing opportunity to feature creative projects from across the city that are finding new and unique solutions for complex problems. Columbus Idea Foundry’s mission to provide makers with a space to turn their visions into reality has inspired the theme for this event and we can’t wait to have the #greenspoonarmy in their space.

We have a pretty amazing mix of projects for this event—from a family center connecting artists with students to a project to transform to underutilized downtown alleys into imaginative public spaces. These five projects are breaking the mold to innovate and inspire. Without further ado… here are our five presenters:

Created 2 Create Interactive Arts Lab

by D'Light House Family Center Inc.

The goal of the Created 2 Create Interactive (C2C) Arts Lab is to provide a positive platform for students to explore art, express themselves, and inspire others. The C2C Arts Lab aspires to connect youth with caring adults from various artistic genres and backgrounds. Adults will be trained to serve as mentors for students.

The Franklinton Playhouse and The Art of Yoga

by The Franklinton Playhouse

The mission of The Franklinton Playhouse is to serve as an incubator space for emerging performance artists to offer authentic and accessible yoga and movement in our studio space and to become a Franklinton destination point, stimulating community growth and driving economic development.


by DACA Time

DACA Time’s mission is to significantly lower these barriers to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) eligible individuals so that they can take advantage of the protections offered by the DACA program to both continue and advance their contributions to society without the threat of deportation.

Alley Islands Project

by Placemakes:

Two goals exist for this project: 1. mix and match different creative disciplines in a unique way to create new connections between individuals and groups that may not otherwise work together; 2. become a ‘proof of concept’- enhancing overlooked public spaces to become permanent destinations that bring people together.

The Artmobile - Explore. Make. Share Art.

by The Artmobile

Artmobile enhances the lives of underserved youth living in high-risk neighborhoods by creating hands-on culturally rich art experiences that ignites imagination and leads them to discover their own unique creativity, talent, and ability.

We can't wait to see you at Spring SOUP!

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