Our Creative Innovators for Spring SOUP

We're excited to announce the presenters for Spring SOUP '17: Creative Innovations. These are our most creative projects to date and we think the #greenspoonarmy...
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CSED/CINCO brings SOUP for 2017

The Center for Social Enterprise Development (CSED)/The Community Investment Network of Central Ohio (CINCO) is thrilled again to sponsor Columbus SOUP for 2017. We love...
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What a Summer Night!

Picture it... Columbus July 2016. The place... a street in the heart of the city.
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Get to know our Summer SOUP projects

Our community is ever changing. When focused, the force of change can drive positive outcomes that shape a stronger Columbus. Community initiatives bring light to...
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Get ready for our most creative SOUP ever

Sunday, April 17, we’ll be gathering in the McConnell Arts Center for an art themed Spring SOUP. This special and appropriately themed space is filled with...
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Artists Unite at Spring SOUP

Art reflects our humanity. It builds empathy for people and issues. We believe that art enriches our community through creative expressions that bring society’s most pressing...
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The Jam Handy

Road Trip!

Fun Fact: SOUP isn’t native or exclusive to Columbus. The SOUP concept started in Chicago as an unconventional way to collectively fund arts projects. While the original...
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Do Some Good, Outfit Good

Anyone who has attended a SOUP event describes getting a warm fuzzy feeling. It’s that warm fuzzy feeling you get anytime you volunteer, give you time...
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