Fall SOUP is TEEN Edition!
Fall SOUP is TEEN Edition!

Sparking Our Creativity

TeamatsparkspaceSince Columbus SOUP first came together in early 2013, we’ve had our fair share of meetings in coffee shops, tea salons, restaurants, bars, patios, dining rooms, and living rooms. It’s never a great meeting when a band stars playing a set just as you start your agenda. It may come as a surprise to some that we don’t have “offices” like other non-profit organizations. We run a lean operation and don’t have the budget that allows for expenses like rent. So, now you might be thinking, how could Columbus SOUP possibly run the organization, plan SOUP events, and help change the way Columbus thinks about philanthropy without office space?
We have one word for that: sparkspace
MeetingatsparkspaceWe found that we really need a space that helps us get down to business but also lets us get comfy and boosts our creativity. We need a space to meet that has all the amenities of a coffee shop (snacks, coffee, tea, wifi, etc) without all the nonsense that can come with meeting in a coffee shop. sparkspace fits the bill to a T! sparkspace has five different meeting rooms to choose from based on your group’s needs, but the SOUP team finds the Think Tank most suited to sparking our creativity! We love having our meetings at sparkspace and love that they’ve chosen to partner with Columbus SOUP to help foster what will be our most productive year yet! 
sparkspace has transformed our meetings into something amazing and we are just so grateful to them! We invite you to get inspired and sign up for their weekly email and consider trying sparkspace out for your next meeting.
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