Fall SOUP is TEEN Edition!
Fall SOUP is TEEN Edition!


by The Franklinton Playhouse

1) What's your group's background?

The Franklinton Playhouse is the result of Red Herring’s passion to change the world with the performing arts, and yoga. In February of last year, Red Herring secured a 30 year lease and initiated a capital campaign that generated the money to convert a warehouse at 566 W Rich St into a black box theater dedicated to live performance and a yoga studio. With its initial focus on theatre, Red Herring converted half of the warehouse into a 60 seat black box theater. Then in December of last year the company converted the other half of the warehouse into a yoga studio and began teaching classes. Shortly after initiating classes the Art of Yoga approached Red Herring and offered to donate its business to the company. Jordan Davis, Franklinton Playhouse Associate Director, was one of Art of Yoga’s teachers and had an existing relationship the owner of the LLC. Red Herring and the Art of Yoga began negotiations and completed the transition last month and the Art of Yoga at the Franklinton Playhouse was born. This milestone was a significant step toward sustainability as it provided the Art of Yoga at the Franklinton Playhouse with an existing client base and revenue stream. Out of gratitude for its good fortune the Art of Yoga at the Franklinton Playhouse intends to give back to the community by providing Franklinton’s homeless population with yoga and holistic alternatives for wellness.  

2) Describe your Project!

The Art of Yoga at the Franklinton Playhouse is expanding its programming to serve Franklinton’s homeless population. Franklinton Playhouse Executive Director Michael Herring and certified yoga instructor Jordan Davis will take yoga mats, granola bars, fresh fruit and bottled water to one of Franklinton’s homeless camps. They will introduce themselves to the residents and ask them if they’d like to learn and practice yoga. This is a new initiative and neither Herring nor Davis is certain how the offer will be received. They expect that some residents will participate and others may not. They will provide basic yoga instruction for those who choose to participate and a yoga demonstration for those who choose not to participate. Once the yoga practice is finished then Herring and Davis will distribute granola bars, fresh fruit, and bottled water to homeless camp residents then sit down to chat. The intention is to not only teach yoga to an underserved population but to build relationships and community. This will be an ongoing program and the Art of Yoga at the Franklinton Playhouse will offer its service two or three days of the week. We hope that over time word will spread among that population and we’ll see an increase need and demand for the practice.  

3) What is your goal for this project?

We want to heal people. We want to make people think and feel. We want to serve those who society has written off. We want to connect. We want to listen. We want to make the world a better place through the practice of yoga. Yoga has the power to heal people and to change people’s lives.

4) How much money do you need and what will you use it for?

Red Herring is seeking $1,200 to offset the cost of granola bars, fresh fruit, and bottled water. All monies donated to Red Herring through this initiative will be restricted to those expenditures. None of those monies will go toward paying staff. Herring and Davis will donate their time. Red Herring and the Art of Yoga at the Franklinton Playhouse will measure outcomes and the number of people served by this program. Red Herring will use that data to secure additional funding and continued support that will make this project sustainable.