Winter SOUP is Art & Design!
Applications are now OPEN! Deadline: 1/29 @ 11:59pm
Winter SOUP is Art & Design!
Applications are now OPEN! Deadline: 1/29 @ 11:59pm

Created 2 Create Interactive Arts Lab

by D’Light House Family Center Inc.

1) What's your group's background?

The D’Light House Family Center, Inc. started as a small group of friends encouraging each other to have healthy relationships, to parent intentionally, and to mentor teens. After hosting several small gatherings in their homes and other spaces, Tifani Kendrick approached her friends about coming together to establish the D’Light House Family Center, Inc. It’s almost 5 years later and the dream of reaching more youth and families manifests through 6 empowering programs. Mrs. Kendrick applies her 10+ years of experience leading afterschool programs to develop meaningful experiences. Inspired by students’ expressed ideas and concerns, our mentoring programs continue to evolve. Annually, D’Light House serves approximately 125 youth and families and engages nearly 2 dozen volunteers. In collaboration with several dynamic community partners, such as REACH Communications, Youth to Youth International, Role Model Magazine and now Maroon Arts Group, D’Light House remains on mission to provide a support network within which youth and adults grow in love for God, themselves, and others.

2) Describe your Project!

The Created 2 Create Interactive Arts Lab (C2C) offers students an opportunity to spend three days cultivating their artistic talents while developing a strong sense of identity. The Created 2 Create project is a pilot collaboration between D’Light House Family Center, Inc. and Maroon Arts Group. At C2C, youth will develop confidence in their ability to inspire positive change within themselves and others. For three hours each night, students will select to be instructed by professional artists from one of four genres: vocal, dance, visual, and written/spoken word. The artists and other caring adults will be screened and trained to serve as mentors that help foster healthy self-esteem. C2C participants will share their works with the community at the Destined 4 Greatness Youth Celebration. The entire experience promotes positive messages about youth and ethnic identity, arts as an educational tool, and mentoring to support personal growth and positive decision making among youth.

3) What is your goal for this project?

Our overall goal is to provide a positive platform for students to explore art, express themselves, and inspire others. We aspire to connect youth with caring adults from various arts genres with the potential for developing meaningful mentor relationships. Created 2 Create will introduce youth to the role and value of positive cultural identity to foster healthy self-esteem. C2C will engage youth in arts activities that cultivate their natural talents and help them develop confidence in their ability to inspire others. Together, D’Light House Family Center and Maroon Arts Group provide help youth artistically express their perspectives on issues and topics that matter to them.

4) How much money do you need and what will you use it for?

The total cost of the project is an estimated $7,930. In support of economic development for the black arts community, we will pay each of the 4 instructing artists $900 for their time in program development and facilitation, totaling $3,600. C2C will provide project materials and uniquely branded notebooks, t-shirts, and other supplies at an estimated $1,230. Participants will be fed healthy refreshments upon arrival at the cost of up to $700 for 100 participants for 3 nights, totaling $2,100. To promote the program and to capture its essence, we are budgeting $1,000 for promotional materials, photography, and videography.
Each project partner is contributing $500, totaling $1,000. There will be a registration fee of $30 per participant, which covers less than 50% of the estimated costs. Every fundraising effort helps to keep the experience at an affordable rate for our community.