Winter SOUP is Art & Design!
Winter SOUP is Art & Design!

Get to know our Summer SOUP projects

Our community is ever changing. When focused, the force of change can drive positive outcomes that shape a stronger Columbus. Community initiatives bring light to complex issues and start conversations to find what’s not working, to bring greater understanding, and to persuade others to move in different directions.
With this theme in mind, we are excited to to partner with Placemakes to host Summer SOUP in our first ever open-air venue. PlaceMakes: West Cherry Street is the perfect stage for breaking bread with fellow community members and listening to five amazing projects that will help move Columbus forward.


themiraclegardenThe Miracle Garden
Breaking ground on Cleveland Avenue later this summer, The Miracle Garden’s Victorian Herb Garden seeks to beautify the Linden neighborhood, create community engagement, and grow herbs & produce for the Urban Farming Economic Development Plan. At Summer SOUP, the Victorian Herb Garden Irrigation Project seeks to fund the installation of an in-ground irrigation line that will advance the future goals of the garden. Located next to the Linden library branch, the garden also provides educational activities for the community.


columbuslandmarksColumbus Landmarks Foundation
The Columbus Landmarks Foundation cares deeply about our city’s architectural heritage. Their Most Endangered Buildings List highlights buildings and landmarks that sit vacant  decaying and endangered. At Summer SOUP, Columbus Landmarks Foundation seeks to engage the community with this annual list through a short, intensive design session that pulls together ideas to create solutions for these endangered Columbus landmarks.


auntflowAunt Flow
Because feminine hygiene products are taxed, tampons are not covered by food stamps or WIC programs and do not typically fall into homeless shelter budgets. As a result, homeless women have limited access to tampons and often turning to dangerous, unhygienic substitutes. Aunt Flow seeks to build easily-identifiable mailboxes that will offer women free tampons in areas of need.


souperherosSouper Heroes
Not to be confused with Columbus SOUP, Souper Heroes is a project that raises money to help local hunger relief programs. To date, Souper Heroes has funded over 80,000 meals in Columbus. At Summer SOUP, they are seeking to expand their Donation Slow Cookers events by providing educational material to those wishing to create events of their own and further the community impact.


Six-in-the-City-6logo-NS-300x296Six in the City: Columbus
Since 2006, the Six-Word Memoir project has helped people tell insightful stories in just six words. Spinning off of the project Six in the City, citizens of Columbus are invited to define what their city is and means to them in six words. The mission: connect people from all corners of Columbus as we share our stories, values, and visions of our city. Six in the City will be asking Summer SOUP attendees to support them in creating an event for students in our city to share their stories in just six words.

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