Winter SOUP is Art & Design!
Winter SOUP is Art & Design!

Fall SOUP Event Volunteer FAQ

Columbus SOUP – Fall SOUP Event

We are very excited to have you volunteering with us at the SOUP event on November 15! Below are some details about the schedule; as well as a list of questions and answers about volunteering at the event. If you have any questions that aren’t covered here, please let me know!
If you need to cancel for any reason before the event, please email me directly.
Many thanks and much gratitude,
Keith & Joe
Columbus SOUP

Day-of SOUP Volunteer FAQs

Q: When should I arrive?

A: The SOUP team will be arriving at Vue Columbus fairly early. Here are the specifics by volunteer assignment:
  • Setup: Volunteers are asked to arrive by 3:00pm. We will need to place the tables and chairs into position and place table cloths on each table. There will be lifting and rolling of the tables, so dress appropriately.
  • Registration Desk: Volunteers are asked to arrive no later than 4:30pm. This will allow for you to be briefed on the days activities prior to the start of the event. You will be manning the registration desk, taking money from the attendees, checking them in, and pointing them to the Welcome Desk.
  • Welcome Desk: Volunteers are asked to arrive no later than 4:30pm. This will allow for you to be briefed on the days activities prior to the start of the event. Please check in at the Registration Desk. Things will be a little hectic, so please be patient. You will be manning the welcome table and assisting attendees with getting a name tag created, explaining the night’s agenda, and directing them around the event space.
  • Raffle Table: First shift raffle table volunteers are asked to arrive by 4:30pm. Second shift and third shift can arrive with the attendees, unless you are volunteering somewhere else. Check in at the registration desk and then see Sara C. at the Raffle Table to learn more about what needs to be done. Please be on time for your shift. You’ll be selling raffle tickets. Remember, the raffle money goes to the second place project… so SELL, SELL, SELL! Also, the last shift gets to help break down the station! WOOT!
  • Serving Soup: Please arrive by 4:45pm. When you arrive, check in at the registration desk and you’ll be directed to the soup area. Things will be a little hectic, so please be patient. Here’s what you can expect:
    • We expect to have enough soup for everyone to have at least one bowl.
    • At registration, all attendees will be given a ticket for one bowl of soup.
    • Collect the ticket as you give them soup.
    • For any other food, such as bread, we just have enough for everyone to have one.
    • Once everyone has had a chance to get a bowl… everyone is open to come back and get more.
    • They should reuse their bowl if they are getting a second bowl of soup.
    • Attendees are asked to buss their own tables. However, you can also be super nice and go get them from them.
    • We use biodegradable/compostable paper bowls, so you can simply place them in the trash.
    • Trays should be collected and compiled so they can be cleaned.
  • Tear-down: Any volunteer who would like the help the team pack up is invited to do so. We generally promise the venue that we will be out of there by 9pm, and have yet to miss that goal. I can promise if you stick around to help, you’ll have good feeling… and be out of there by 9pm.
Q: Where do I park?
A: There is are several options for parking at Vue Columbus:
  1. Meter parking is available on Front Street, High Street, Liberty, Beck, and most other streets in the area. Meters are off on Sunday! You can use the map on the Attend page to explore the area.
  2. Lot parking: a surface parking lot is across the street from Vue Columbus on Liberty. At last check, it is $3 cash.
  3. Garage parking: There is a parking garage on Bleckner. It’s $5 and cash only.
  4. We also encourage our attendees to use alternative transportation… carpool, CoGo, COTA Cbus, Uber, and car2go!
Q: Where do I enter?
A: After you park, head to the main entrance of Vue Columbus on Liberty. Registration will be just inside the doors!
Q: What should I wear?
A: Be comfortable. If that means dressing fancy, do it. However, most of the SOUP team will be in jeans/t-shirt/sneakers and invite you to do the same.
Q: Who do I see when I arrive?
A: Ask for Keith or Joe. They’ll be running around like crazy, so be patient. They’ll help you get set with what you need to do, but don’t be shy… just jump in and get going. Additionally, anyone in a SOUP shirt can help you.
Q: Do I pay the $7 like everyone else?
A: Yep! This is a charity event, so everyone contributes… even the directors of Columbus SOUP… even the presenters. You are contributing more with your time and that makes you so awesome!
***A special note here to Columbus Gives Back volunteersyou do not have to donate $7 to volunteer if you do not plan on voting for the winner. But we invite you to be part of the vote – just donate when you check in and you’ll be given a voting spoon!
Q: Can I eat?
A: Yes, if you gave a donation for it ­– please make sure that you take the time to enjoy it. However, trust me – it can get very busy at the event. So, you may want to grab a bite before you come and it’s best to grab your soup before we really get started! Hint: Get first pick and have your soup before we start serving.
Q: Can I drink?
A: Of course! Everyone else will be drinking! I mean, don’t get hammered… But enjoy the event like everyone else! This event is BYOB… so make sure you BYO for anything you want to D. Though, maybe stick to beer or wine and leave the hard stuff for another time.
Q: When can I leave?
A: We’d love to see the volunteers stay until the event ends but understand that we have lives and may not be able to. The event is scheduled to end at 8pm. At that time, the “tear-down” process will get started – anyone who is still around is invited to help us pack up and get out!
Q: What’s the schedule of events?
A: This is our planned schedule of events… we are hoping to stay on track. At the first SOUP, we ran long – at the last fall SOUP, we ran short… the last two were on time… so, this one, we are hoping we’ve planned just right again!
  • 5:30 Registration Opens
  • 6:00 Program beings with welcome, a word from our hosts, Vue Columbus, and our sponsor, CleanTurn
  • 6:10 Serving soup beings – tables will be invited to get in line by color.
  • 6:40 Report back from Worthington High School, our last winner
  • 6:45 Theme Review
  • 6:50 Presentations begin. Each presenter has 7 minutes
  • 7:40 Voting
  • 7:50 Raffle winners announced
  • 7:55 Winners announced
  • 8:00 Event end
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